Soheila No.17 (2020)

“Soheila No.17” (2017) #Persian

A screening and discussion of Soheila No.17 with film director, Mahmoud Ghaffari. View discussion below!

Soheila No. 17 is the story of a woman that captures the challenges experienced by many in Tehran who are seeking healthy relationships. The film captures mental and emotional frustrations stemming from socio-cultural barriers to satisfying sexual needs in the Iranian Society.

Discussion Topics included new insights into the perspectives and circumstances of single Iranian women as well as certain conventions around womanhood and sexuality in Iran.

Collaborators: Atlanta Global Studies Center, Iranian Studies Initiative,  Urban Media Lab,Resource Organization for Sexuality, Health, and Development (ROSHD)

View this event’s discussion below !

Event Details

  • Date: Friday, February 28th, 2020
  • Location: Gatech, Student Student Center, Theater
  • Film and discussion with Director, Mahmoud Ghaffari
  • Hosted by Dr. Ayda Melika from School of Modern Languages and School of History and Sociology