GMF 2018

GMF 2018 Events

Bolivian Indigenous Media and Protection of the Forest: “The Cry of the Forest”

The Cry of the Forest (2008), Bolivia’s first indigenous feature film, is based on true events that led to the indigenous demonstration of 1990 and 1996, two events related to the struggle against deforestation that changed the political history of Bolivia forever.

Documenting the Journeys of Syrian Refugees in Germany: “Our Germany”

Screening of Our Germany (2015) and conversation with director Thomas Lauterbach.

Political Comics in China: The Works of Li Xiaoguai

Born in 1974, Li Xiaoguai is an online grassroots comic artist. He set up his blog in 2006, and soon became one of China’s most influential bloggers with his distinctive style of blogging with comic drawings. His popularity increased as a cyber-celebrity during the movement to create new Chinese characters online in 2009. He is an icon of Internet culture and youth culture in contemporary China. The Georgia Institute of Technology welcomed the artist Li Xiaoguai to discuss his works on political and social commentary.

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Urban Stories in the Midst of Astonishing Minds

Swagger (2016) documents the stories of minority teenagers growing up in Paris’ housing projects. This event featured a film screening and conversation with director Olivier Babinet.

Down Here There Are No Shooting Stars

Basim Magdy’s films are often surrealist portraits of situations that involve disappointment and an absurd twist of events. But in No Shooting Stars (2016), Magdy turns his camera to the uncontrollable and unknowable character of the ocean. In the film, an unidentified inhabitant of the open seas speaks, while a dreamlike background slides by out of tune with the narration. The narrator – who might be a sea monster, a mermaid or an old sea turtle – has an enticing familiarity, but its identity slips away and the text starts meandering like a poem against a background where underwater imagery mixes with landlike things like fireworks and flames.