About Us

Dr. Jin Liu, Dr. Gregory Zinman, Dr. Stephanie Boulard, and Dr. Juan Rodriguez with film director Wang Jiuliang at the Plastic China film event

About the Festival

The Global Media Festival is an annual event that was founded in 2017 that focuses on topics within sustainability using media from across cultures. Our purpose is to provide a global interdisciplinary forum that creates awareness of the cultural and linguistic challenges that emerge from the different meanings and interpretations of sustainability in diverse contexts.

Although sustainability is a driving force behind many global agendas for the future, each society adopts and interprets sustainability according to its different cultural and linguistic resources. The Global Media Festival uses the study of media productions in different languages and from different cultures around the world to compare how different societies adopt, implement, re-frame or defy sustainability, while using cultural specific conventions and protocols that respond to particular expectations, legacies, habits, and aspirations. Our goal is to educate viewers to be thoughtful global citizens as it is through awareness of others’ needs and viewpoints that one may create meaningful change.

The Global Media Festival supports Georgia Tech’s strategic vision for the 21st Century of educating “good global citizens” by providing windows to investigate how other societies around the world make key decisions in the present while imagining the future.

If you are interested in collaborating with the Global Media Festival or sponsoring any events, please contact the Festival Director, Amanda Weiss at amanda.weiss@modlangs.gatech.edu.

Our Team Members

Dr. Sandra McGury
Teaching Postdoc 2019-2020
Shaidah Herron
Graduate Research Assistant for Global Media Festival 2019-2020
Joshua Baldwin
Graduate Research Assistant for Global Media Festival 2020-2021
Megan Carver
Graduate Research Assistant for Global Media Festival 2021-2022